My YouTube ChannelAstrophotocologne

YouTube got me from the first moment on. I simply loved the idea of „broadcast yourself“, like it was subtitled in the early years. In 2011 I´ve uploaded my first videos, software tutorials about different astrophotography related apps. But in 2019 I realized that YouTube wants regular content, so I created the Astrophotocast.

Since January 2019 I upload one video per week. It´s a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. The feedback gives me all the energy to keep on doing it. A big thank of all the viewers of my little show.

AstroPixelProcessor Tutorial Deutsch - Teil 6 - Star Color Calibration

AstroPixelProcessor Tutorial Deutsch - Teil 5 - Remove Lightpollution

AstroPixelProcessor Tutorial Deutsch -Teil 4- Normalize und Integrate