About me

My Goal is to capture the night sky in all its beauty

Frank Sackenheim

My name is Frank Sackenheim and I am an astrophotographer from Cologne in Germany. My passion for astronomy started in my childhood when I first saw a Space Shuttle lift off. From that moment on I was fascinated by spaceships, astronomy, and everything related. When I saw a nebula in a book for the first time I was hooked. I never saw such a bright and colorful object in the nightsky and I realized this was only possible with a camera. So my goal became to capture the nightsky in all its beauty. It took years until I got my first camera and even then I was not able to shoot more than some startrails or the moon through my little telescope.

My other passion was music and I decided to become a professional musician. When I finished my studies at the university in 2003 I bought my first motorized equatorial mount and soon after a newtonian telescope. In 2006 I bought my first digital camera and from this moment on I was finally able to shoot the images I always dreamed of. I am proud that many of my pictures were printed in magazines and I have won several competitions. I am still passionated about astrophotography, writing articles, giving lectures, organizing workshops. I have my own YouTube channel where I cover various subjects around astrophotography. I am a proud member of the Capella Observatory team and often I can be found as astronomer in residence at Kiripotib guestfarm in Namibia.